1. a tent
2. a computer
3. a sleeping bag
4. medicine
5. fishing pole
6. ice cream
7. a friend
8. a guitar
9. a watch
10. matches
11. a flashlight
12. a blanket
13. a bathing suit
14. a towel
15. a camera
16. rope
17. a compass
18. a pillow
19. an extra outfit
20. a soccer ball
I would bring a sleeping bag, a flashlight, ice cream, a friend and a soccr ball to deserted island.

Reason why i picked 5 things:Sleeping bag:I want to bring my sleeping bag.because i can sleep in my sleeping bag at night.  Flashlight:I want to bring my flashlight.because at night i can use my flashlight to see.
Ice cream:Reason why i picked ice cream is,because island might be hot. Friend:I really want to bring a friend.because i need someone to play with. Soccer ball:I want to bring my soccer ball.because i love soccer!

It was little bit hard to pick 5 thing from the top list.

I do not want to bring any other things that is not on the list or something on the list.

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